By Saiyed M. Fauzan Ali

Perplexity no doubt puts the human mind into an exhilarating state because an unforeseen phenomenon often leads straight to the pathway towards a discovery. One such bafflement is the Black Hole in the Cosmos that has set the cosmological world buzzing. In general, a Black Hole originates from the remnant of burned out stars or from the death of the stars. It contains such amount of mass that it can take the form of a giant behemoth, almost twice the size of our sun, and they can literarily warp space and time to the extent that not even light can escape through them.

So what is so mysterious about these black holes that lie in the Cosmos. Perhaps, the most surprising thing about these enormous beasts is that their growth process is very similar to that of human beings. They start out small and eventually grow huge in size. One more amazing fact is that these black holes once originated feed on gas and the stars around them at a magnificent pace, and as the matter consumed spirals down into obscurity, they heat up to a contemptible temperature and start emanating light, it is this light that indicates that there is a black hole lying at the center of the distant galaxy.

  Dr. Don Lincoln a senior physicist at the Fermilab, one of America’s top Particle Physics and Research Laboratory found a distant and an ancient, enormous black hole that existed at a time when the universe was in its infancy. Now, this is perplexing. How can such a huge black hole exist when the cosmos was so young. Perhaps, the first galaxy might have been originated when the cosmos was almost 180 million years old, which is about 500 million years before the ancient black hole was observed. Now 500 million years may be a very long time, but cosmically speaking its simply a blink of an eye. Stars are born, and then they die to become black holes.

Black Hole Merger

Moreover, it is no longer a hidden fact that black holes devour each other in an immense orgy of cosmic cannibalism, which as a result forms a huge black hole. Therefore, there has to be a time when the black holes devoured each other or merged together. Hence, it’s difficult to contemplate that how the process happened so quickly, and more importantly, how a huge black hole existed at such an early age of the cosmos. 

One more question that bothers us is that, what is on the other side of the black hole? Does it lead to another dimension? Or can you actually travel through time by simply entering into a black hole? The name ‘black hole’ has created a huge misunderstanding. A Black hole does not take you anywhere because there is actually no ‘hole’ involved. They are enormous orbs lying in space that contain unfathomable gravitational fields. The reason they are black is that the gravitational field is so strong that not even light can pass through them. The light we see emanating from the black hole is, in fact, the area which is outside its event horizon, which reaches to an outrageous temperature due to its feeding on gas and stars as mentioned earlier. However, light itself cannot escape its grasp if it comes into contact with this celestial beast.

 Let’s shed some light on this phenomenon. Imagine carrying a whale up on your shoulders. Better yet, imagine wearing the whole whale as a suit. Now if someone asks you to get off your bed, and go out for a walk, the way you would feel is similar to the feeling we will get if the gravity on earth were to increase by a factor of 50. Now If we were to increase the gravity on earth to a level which is similar to that of a weakest possible black hole, then it would be a million times stronger than how you would feel wearing your whale suit. Hence, if you go anywhere near a black hole the extreme gravitational waves will unravel your body into a stream of atoms, and you will be added to the black hole. To put it simply, you will become redder and redder, and eventually fade away. Hence, at the center of the black hole is nothing more than gravitational singularity, which is a point of no return. This is the point where the gravity and the density become infinite, the space-time curves to an infinite level, and the laws of physics fail to operate. Once an object or a human being would come near the black hole, the object or human will be attracted towards the singularity with an enormous force and irrevocably disappear. However, the observer watching from a safer distance would have a different view. They would see the person or object moving slowly towards the black hole until the object or the person would come to a complete halt near the event horizon and slowly fade away. Scary, isn’t it.

The singularity at the center of the black hole can never truly be explained, and although signals can be sent inside the black hole, however, nothing can ever communicate with anyone outside. Therefore, this mystery seems to be locked away forever.

Saiyed M. Fauzan Ali is an M.Phil specialized in Supply Chain Management, and the founder of THS

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