By Saiyed M. Fauzan Ali

Our World is full of a plethora of remarkably mysterious and jaw-dropping places that truly manifests a traveler’s nirvana. These places are not simply a mystery for us, but rather an emotional state of mind, a spiritual epiphany, or a sense of fortune. However, these attractive yet mysterious landscapes are not the only destinations that reside on our planet. There are some cryptic places that would make your skin crawl, and your hairs stand on the end. These destinations are so terrifying that they would induce heavy breathing and terror before something has even happened. Although, these destinations are petrifying, nonetheless, our curiosity gets the better of us and often leads us to experience a feeling that no man or woman ever wants to be acquainted with: Absolute Terror.

Among the world’s creepiest places is a remote Island located in Mexico. The Island is called Isla De Las Monecas or Simply the Doll Island. The Bizarre and deserted Island has over 1000 disfigured and decayed Dolls tucked away on trees and braced on fences. Some of you might wonder, what’s so scary about an Island having dolls. Well, the creepiest thing about these dolls is that they are not just any dolls. They have been present on the Island for decades, and visitors have often heard giggles and whispers coming from all parts of the Island, while some have even noticed a clear movement in these dolls. This may sound to you like a scene from some horror movie, but the Island is a real-life destination, and the stories we hear about these dolls are as genuine as the sight of their terrifying bodies and decomposed heads. Spooky! 

Once you set foot on this peculiar Island, the sight you’ll see will be nothing less than a nightmare. A surreal playground of disfigured dolls, some limbs dangling from nooses, and heads attached to the thorns, and all this with bleak and dark eyes staring blankly at you. A very distressful sight indeed. However, the story behind the Island is perhaps the most disturbing. According to the legends, decades ago, a man named Don Julian Santana left his family and traveled to this remote Island to live as a recluse. One night Santana found a girl sinking in a nearby canal. Although, he tried to save the girl his efforts fell in vain. Later, Santana found a doll floating in the water, which he presumed belonged to the girl. So to appease her spirit, he hung the doll on a nearby tree. However, things became distressful for Santana. He began hearing the girl’s giggles and screams coming from near the canals, and he would often hear hard banging on his door at night. He started feeling guilty for the girl’s demise, and therefore, Santana decided to pacify her spirit by renovating the entire Island as a Shrine of Dolls dedicated to the dead girl’s soul. He started collecting old and broken dolls believing that the dolls were possessed with the spirits of other dead people and they would thwart the spirit from disturbing him. As days passed by, his obsession with the spirit and the dolls crossed all bounds, and soon the whole Island was covered with Dolls. The dark story behind the Island and its Dolls spread through word of mouth. Visitor’s would often visit the Island, and bring along gifts and offerings to the dolls in turn for acquiring safety against evil spirits. A few years later, Santana’s nephew found him lying dead in the same canal where the girl was drowned. Jeez!

Today, the Island and the dolls remain. People who have visited the Island have described their experiences. It is said that the atmosphere at the Island is quite calm, and quiet at first, however, as you spend more time, anxiety and stress takes over, and you begin to experience paranoia. The feeling gets worse as you approach each doll, heavy breathing, racing heartbeat, and even shivering has been reported. The Island looks more like something out from a Stephen King’s Novel than a commemorative to a girl. This Island was once a floating garden, but instead of flowers, its gardener Julian Santana grew eerie looking dolls.   

– Saiyed M. Fauzan Ali is an MBA/M. Phil Specialized in Supply Chain Management, and the founder of THS. The author has worked in the past as a research analyst and a critical reviewer. He is a writing enthusiast. 


  1. Scary! A friend of mine went there once and he said the atmosphere is really terrifying and often makes you feel paranoid like a 1000 dead eyes staring at you…

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